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Release Notes: December 15, 2020
Release Notes: December 15, 2020

New features, tweaks, and enhancements to Submittable released December 1 - 15 2020 (v3.1270 - v3.1275).

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What's new

  • Funds Transactions download: Export your Funds transaction report, including transaction status, amount, fund name, and more.

  • Funds in Advanced Reporting: Report on amounts awarded and paid in total or by fund, as well as report on individual award and payment transactions and dates.

  • Filter by Label in Advanced Reporting: Just as you can filter by Project when selected data, you can now also filter by Label. When filtering by more than one Label, the report will include submissions with any of the added Labels.

Also released

Bugs squashed

  • Submitting to Project with uncreated Auto Labels no longer generates 500 error.

  • File Size Limits on New Form File Uploads accurately respected.

  • A Project with an Eligibility Form will now always redirect to the Initial Form.

  • Advanced Reporting: Merged Fields now display the correct information.

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