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How can I add an Affiliate ID to my call for submissions?
How can I add an Affiliate ID to my call for submissions?

Use a custom URL extension to track where your submitters are coming from.

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Submittable enables organizations to use a custom URL extension and UTMs (Urchin Traffic Monitors) to track where submitters find the opportunities you make publicly available.

Add an Affiliate ID to your Project/Call

1. Go to your public landing page and click on any available live form.

2. Copy the URL address from your browser address bar.

It should look something like this, but it will be personalized to your organization and form.

At the end of the URL, where the form name is the last text in the copied address, add the following snippet: ?aid= so that your URL now looks like this:

3. After adding the ?aid= snippet at the end of the address, write in the location where you're placing the link on the Internet (e.g. Twitter, Facebook, email) directly to the right of the = symbol. Twitter and Facebook are used in the examples shown here below.

Twitter Affiliate ID:

Facebook Affiliate ID:

If you were to post the corresponding Affiliate ID addresses on either of these platforms (Twitter, Facebook) used in the examples, submitters that click on them to access your application will register as having arrived from these platforms.

4. This information can be seen on the Submission Details page for any incoming application that originated from the Twitter link. It will show at the top of the page, just under the Submission title, to the right of the submitter name.

Generating Reports with Affiliate ID data

You can also track Affiliate ID data by including the information in our reporting tool, or in our Advanced Reporting tool (if your account includes Advance reporting).

To generate a report that includes Affiliate ID data, follow these steps:

1. In the navigation bar at the top of the page, select Reports > Standard Reports.
(for Advanced Reports select Reports>Advanced Reports)

2. Give your new report a name, and select all of the criteria for the subset of submissions you want to include in the report.

3. In the Fields column, click the dropdown arrow for Project, and select the checkbox next to Affiliate ID. This action will include any Affiliate ID data in your report.

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