When scheduling the deadline for a submission call, it may be beneficial to set your expiration time to coincide with Submittable's open business hours of 8am-5pm US Mountain Time.

Doing this allows our Customer Support team to assist submitters who may run into last-minute technical issues (please note that our response time for submitters can be up to 24 business hours). We always recommend encouraging submitters to start the submission process early, and to reach out to us via email at any point if they run into technical issues with the online form.

If you are not charging for submissions, and happen to reach your free submission limit before the published deadline, we can also help you expeditiously increase free submissions to your account (if you wish to do this), or do any other troubleshooting needed in order to ensure a smooth process.

To coordinate your expiration time with Submittable's business hours, you'll want to make sure that you correctly set your organization's time zone in your Account Profile.

To do this, go to More > Account

Scroll down to the Time Zone entry box and enter the time zone in which your organization is based.

In the example above, the time zone is set to Eastern Time. This means that if you set the Expires On time to 5pm EST, the deadline will pass at 3pm Pacific Time (PST) for submitters on the west coast. You will want to take this into consideration when determining the best expiration time.

You can always change your Project/Form expiration time in the General Settings area for your Project/Form. Organizations using our original form engine will find this setting under the Forms tab by selecting Forms, clicking on the title of the Form, and scrolling to the Expires On entry box. Organizations using our new form engine will find this setting by clicking on Projects, selecting the Project title, and scrolling to the Expires On entry box under General Settings for the Project.


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