When scheduling the deadline for a submission call, we recommend setting an expiration during Submittable's technical support business hours: 7am-5pm MST, Monday through Friday.

Submittable offers technical support to applicants and submitters, some of whom will wait until the last minute to submit. Setting the expiration for your opportunity during technical support's business hours ensures our Customer Support team is ready to assist a potentially high volume of applicants with last minute technical questions.

Choosing a deadline during Submittable's business hours also ensures that we will be at the ready in case you reach your free submission limit, or need any other troubleshooting.

To coordinate your expiration time with Submittable's business hours, you'll want to ensure you’ve correctly set your organization's time zone in your Account Profile.

To do this, go to More > Account

Scroll to the Time Zone entry box and enter the time zone in which your organization is based.

In the example above, the time zone is set to Eastern Time. This means that if you set the Expires On time to 5pm EST, the deadline will pass at 2pm Pacific Time (PST) for submitters on the west coast of the United States. You will want to take this into consideration when determining the best expiration time.

Once you check your time zone, you can set or change your call's expiration date and time. To do so, go to the General Settings area for your Project/Form.

  • Organizations using our classic form engine will find this setting under the Forms tab by selecting Forms, clicking on the title of the Form, and scrolling to the Expires On entry box.

  • Organizations using our new form engine will find this setting by clicking on Projects, selecting the Project title, and scrolling to the Expires On entry box under General Settings for the Project.

To set your call to expire during Submittable's business hours, first, choose a date that is Monday through Friday. After selecting a date, you'll have the option to select an expiration time. Choose a time that will coincide with 7am-5pm MT (9am-7pm ET/6am-4pm PT).


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