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How to archive or delete inactive Projects.

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You can remove a project's name from the Search Filters on your submission list view page. This is helpful for organizations that might otherwise have a long list of projects to scroll through in the project dropdown menu of their search filters.

Note: Only level 4 and 5 team administrators have the ability to archive projects.

To Archive a Project:

1. First, you will likely want to archive the Project's submissions. In your submissions list, use the project dropdown selection in Search Filters to find all submissions belonging to the Project you'd like to archive. Select the checkboxes next to all submissions for the project. Click Other and select Archive.

2. Navigate to your Projects page, and locate the name of the project you'd like to archive. If the project is still Live, uncheck the Live setting to make sure it is inactive.

3. Click on the title of the Project to open it. On the General Settings tab, scroll down to the Archive checkbox at the bottom of the page and select it:

4. Click Save Project.

5. To unarchive a project at any time, click on its title on the Projects page and uncheck the Archive checkbox. Then click Save Project.

To Delete a Project:

Make sure all submissions for the project you'd like to delete have been deleted. Hover over the name of the project on the Projects page. A trash icon will appear on the right.

Note: Only level 4 and 5 team administrators have the ability to delete Projects.

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