Note: This article refers to opening submissions for editing on Submittable's new form engine. If you are still using our old form engine, please visit this article for instructions on how to open submissions for editing.

Organization team members (Level 3, 4, and 5 ) can select submissions from their Submissions List and open them up for editing by the submitter.

This feature benefits both the organization and the submitter. Allowing editing post submission is an accessibility best practice. It also supports instances where an organization may need to request that applicants make a specific edit, while allowing the applicant to maintain ownership of the integrity of the content of their submission.

Enabling or Disabling Submitter Edit Requests

Organization administrators can enable submitters to send requests to edit submissions. To enable or disable the ability for submitters to request edits, follow these steps:

1. Under the More dropdown menu, select Account.

2. In the Profile section, scroll down to the Allow Edit Requests checkbox. If you would like to enable submitters to send an edit request to you, check this box. Otherwise, leave it unchecked.

3. Click Update Profile.

Note: Even if you uncheck the Allow Edit Requests checkbox, administrators will still still be able to manually open submissions for editing.

If you've turned on the ability to receive edit requests from submitters and have received an email request from a submitter, the notification email will include a link you can click to take you directly to that Submission Details page.

To open a submission for editing without a request from the applicant, go to that submission's Submission Detail page.

  1. To open the submission for editing, click the status dropdown menu at the top of the Submission Details page. Select Open Editing.

2. You'll now be prompted to send the applicant a message. A dialog box will open. Select a preexisting Email Template or write a brief accompanying message to send to the submitter, to let them know the submissions is being opened for them to make edits. In the case where you would like the applicant to make a specific edit, clarify your request in your message.

3. Choose the From email address. You can send this notification from your individual email address, or from your organization's main email address.

4. Click the Open for Editing and Send Response button.

5. The submitter will receive a notification email and be directed to their submission's Details page, where they can edit the submission and re-submit after making changes.

6. Your organization will receive an email notification stating that the submission was closed for editing by the submitter. The submission will no longer be highlighted in blue in the Submissions List, and the submission status will change from Editable back to In-Progress.

How to Mark a Batch of Submissions As Editable

1. In your Submissions tab, select one or more submissions by clicking the check box(es) on the left-hand side of the screen.

2. After selecting the submissions you'd like to open for editing, click the Open for Editing button at the top of the submissions list.

3. A dialog box will open. Select a Response Template or type a message.

4. Choose the From email address

5. Click the Open for Editing and Send Response(s) button.

*Submissions in a current editable status will appear in your submission list with a pencil icon next to their title, as seen below.

Close a Submission to Editing

To close a submission for editing before the submitter closes it to editing, open the submission from the Submissions tab to view the Submission's Details page. Click the dropdown arrow to the right of the submission title and select Close Editing.

To close multiple submissions to editing, go to your Submissions page and select the checkboxes next to the submissions you would like to close. At the top of the Submissions list, click More > Close for Editing. Choosing any other submission status will also close the submission to editing.


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