If your account on our original form engine was using Zapier to export data to outside applications, we recommend updating your Zap Triggers to our upgraded V2 API integration at your earliest convenience.

In the short term, if you don't change anything about your Zap configurations, everything will continue to work for you. But if at any time you decide to make changes to your Zaps, you will need to update them before doing so.

When updating, be sure to use Submittable's V2 API key, as shown in the screen shot below. You can navigate to the API key page by clicking on More > Account > API Access.

Note: In Zapier the old Integration will show in your account as Submittable (Legacy), The new Zapier Integration will be Show as Submittable Beta. You will want to change all your Zaps to the Submittable Beta integration.

Please refer to the table below to determine what you'll need to do with your previous Zaps after upgrading to the new form engine.



You have Zaps set up before the upgrade, and you don't make any changes after upgrading.

Your Zaps will continue to function. However this will only continue for the short term and we recommend upgrading at your earliest convenience

You have Zaps set up before the upgrade, but you need to change them.

You will need to change your triggers to the new Zapier integration before you will be able to make changes to your Actions.

You have Zaps set up before the upgrade, and you want to create a new Zap after the upgrade.

You will not be able to use the Legacy integration. You will need to set up any new Zaps with our V2 Api and the new Zapier integration.

You are setting up Zaps for the first time, post-upgrade.

Follow these instructions.

After copying the new V2 API key, you'll want to follow these steps for each Zap that was established when your organization was previously using Submittable's original form engine.


Connecting Submittable to Other Applications:

You can add Submittable to your Zapier account and make connections between Submittable and hundreds of other applications. You will need Submittable's API key, as well as your organization name, to connect with Zapier..

Here are just a few things people have done:

  • Save new Submittable submission files in Dropbox

Use this Zap

  • Add Submittable submitters to a Mailchimp list

Use this Zap

  • Send Slack messages when new Submittable submissions are accepted

Use this Zap

  • Create Salesforce cases for new Submittable submissions

Use this Zap

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