Submittable's Original Form Engine allowed organizations to set different currency types in their forms. Submitters could then select which currency they wanted to use as payment. Your fee set-up for a Form might have looked like this:

Submittable's New Form Engine only supports one currency type per form. Due to this change, you'll need to update any of your forms that may have been set up to allow submitters to choose from different currencies, so that they only show one currency option.

Follow these steps to update the currency for any Form

  1. Click on Forms in the navigation bar, and select any forms that indicate the use of multiple currencies. If the form has been set up to accept multiple currencies, it will show this underneath the form title, as shown below.

2. Scroll down to the optional Price set-up under the General Settings tab. Click on any of the existing fees (shown in blue hypertext) to open them for changes.

3. Click the Delete Option button in the lower left of the dialog box. to eliminate the fees that were set for different currencies.. Repeat these steps until you have only one fee/currency remaining.

4. When finished, your form should show just one currency option for any fees you're charging.

Note: If you do not manually select a single currency for each of your forms before upgrading, fees on your forms will automatically be changed to U.S. Dollars.


Post-upgrade, required Fees can be set or changed at the top of each Form you build, as shown below. They will no longer be set up under the General Settings tab. Click the check box for Add Submission Fee, and choose the currency you'd like to use. For more information on how to set up fees in the new form engine, please see this article.

After upgrading, you'll need to select one of the following currencies to accept payments for incoming submissions.

  • Australian Dollar

  • Canadian Dollar

  • Euro

  • British Pound

  • New Zealand Dollar

  • US Dollar

  • Swiss Francs

  • Chinese Renminbi Yuan

The New Form Engine also includes our new Smart Fee capability, which allows you to set fees for a variety of form field selections throughout your Form. You may similarly choose a single currency for any other fields that may include an optional fee. When updating any currency type on your form, all currencies will update to that same currency. Read more about how to set up Smart Fees here.


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