Congratulations on upgrading to Submittable's new and improved form engine! You'll find our new form engine enables you to administer your site with more efficiency and ease.

One thing you may notice in the new Submittable is that sometimes when viewing past submissions you'll see a drop down selection that looks like this:

If you see this drop down option when viewing a submission, it means that at some point prior to the upgrade, you edited the Form related to the submission. It could have been the Initial Form, a Review Form, or an Additional Form. The Form Version drop down provides a way for you to toggle between the original version of the Form, and the Current version.

Original View

The Original view will show you the submission prior to any changes that have been made to the form—in other words, you'll see the submission as it was originally received.

Current View

The Current view will show you the submission according to how the form currently exists, including any and all edits that have been made. If you see "n/a" in the response areas in Current version view, that indicates that a change to that question of the Form was made at some point, rendering the original response invalid. You could have added a question, changed an answer choice, changed the branching structure, or removed questions from your original Form—any of which could have impacted the original set of responses. For the purposes of data integrity, you'll be able to toggle back to that Original version to see to what each submission looked like before those changes to the Form were applied.

Keep in mind, form versions are only available to submissions that have been upgraded, and will not be available for any submissions received post-upgrade.

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