If you have established a connection to Submittable's API, you may need to reestablish to the V2 API after being upgraded.

Specifically, if you were using an API for submissions, categories, or payments, you need to reestablish your connections to the V2 API immediately after being upgraded.

Refer to the chart below to see if action is needed for your connections.

API Connections

Action Needed?













Until you update to the new V2 endpoints, you might not have access to new data created after the upgrade or you might experience errors.

How to connect to the V2 API

To connect to the V2 API endpoints for connections to Submissions, Categories, and Payments, refer to the API documentation. The v2 endpoints are preceded by a slash ("/"). Refer to the image below which identifies the v2 endpoints.

If you were using an API for organization, staff, or submitters prior to being upgraded to our new form engine, no action is needed on your part. There are no equivalent endpoints in our V2 API.

If you have questions or concerns regarding connecting to the API following your upgrade, contact your account manager.

Two-Way API

Submittable also recently created a two-way API, which is in beta. To learn more about becoming a beta user and the read/write capabilities of this API, contact your account manager.

Check out API Documentation, or Zapier Integration Documentation for more information.


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