Bugs squashed

  • MSR: Moving from MSR to SSR then saving the project no longer causes stages to disappear.

  • Advanced Reporting: merged fields will not be lost when a new Project/Form is added.

  • Submitters are able to load Saved Drafts and won't be directed to the landing page instead.

  • Fixed issue occurring when users edited Funds to have a lower amount than the awarded amount for that fund.

  • Resolved issue causing Standard Reports to fail.

  • Assignments: Fixed wrong calculation in Random Assignments.

  • Additional Form Sent Requests Page no long failing to load.

  • Fixed collaborator redirects and added prevention to auto-submission of collaborators.

  • Collaborative Drafts: will now disconnect an old window if user opens a second window.

  • New Additional Form requests & Open for Editing emails are now being delivered.

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