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Does Advanced Reporting include Charity Check (GuideStar) Data?
Does Advanced Reporting include Charity Check (GuideStar) Data?

Charity Check (GuideStar) Data can be added to Advanced Reports

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Advance Reporting may include Charity Check data - if the Charity Check feature is included in your organization's account.

To add the Charity Check information, expand any form within the Fields Selector that contains a Charity Check field. Once the form selections are expanded, the Charity Check field options will also be available to add to the report. They will appear in column headers like this:
โ€‹{charity check label}: {GuideStar info} :

GuideStar data that is available to add to a report is as follows:

  • EIN

  • Organization Name

  • Address

  • Address Line 2

  • City

  • State

  • Zip Code

  • Description

  • Deductibility Status

  • Reason for Non-Private Foundation Status

  • Pub 78 Verified

  • Most Recent IRS Pub78

  • Most Recent IRS BMF

  • Most Recent IRB

  • OFAC Status

  • Ruling Date


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