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Release Notes: June 30, 2021
Release Notes: June 30, 2021

New features, tweaks, and enhancements to Submittable released June 1 - 30 2021 (v3.1368 - v3.1389).

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  • Improved mobile responsiveness of submission list items.

  • Advanced Reporting: Made bottom margin larger.

  • Adjusted Sign-Up so it appropriately shows an error when a user tries to create an account with an email already in use.

Bugs squashed

  • Fixed mandatory message on submission details when closing editing action is taken.

  • Draft submissions to deleted Projects are now correctly ignored.

  • Fixed team page breaking on null usernames.

  • Fixed Staff tables sort and localize.

  • Help article link in info modal is now linked to the correct URL.

  • Compact View no longer showing Labels.

  • Fixed auto assign email issues on old forms.

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