The Submittable experience for applicants following your account upgrade will be virtually unchanged—most will have no idea anything is different. There are a handful of exceptions, which are outlined in this article.

Improved Design

There are some subtle differences in the design of the Form that applicants can see, pointed out in the graphic below.

Improved Access to Additional Forms

Applicants will now access all forms associated with their submission on the forms tab, as shown in the image below.

(Previously, Additional Forms were housed either on the Forms tab, while the original submission remained under a Content tab, or, each Additional Form occupied its own distinct tab.)

Locked Additional Forms

By default, Additional Forms on the new Submittable will need to be specifically opened to editing by your team in order for an applicant to make an edit.

Shareable Reviews

Following your upgrade, you may choose to share reviews directly with submitters. You could even create a review form with shareable fields and use it to review submissions received prior to the upgrade. In this case, applicants will receive a notification and can access the shared reviews in their Submittable account. Learn more.

Submission Downloads

Occasionally, an applicant may edit a submission which they submitted before the account upgrade after the account upgrade. In this case, applicants will see two download buttons in their Submittable account:

The Download Original option will give them a version of their completed form prior to any edits they made. The Download Current option will give them a version of their most current, edited submission. Applicants with a draft saved prior to the upgrade—but submitted after the completed upgrade—will also see both download options. In both instances, we've include a tool tip explaining the options to avoid any confusion.

Benefits to Applicants Going Forward

Future applicants will benefit from a host of new functionality that you'll have access to post-upgrade, including, but not limited to the following:

  • Collaborating on Submissions: Following your upgrade, you may choose to allow applicants to collaborate on submissions in real time. They can do so by clicking Invite Collaborators while filling out your form. Learn more.

  • New Form Fields: New form fields designed for specific types of data, such as name, address, email, number, and date, will make it easier and more clear than ever for applicants to fill out your forms.

  • Better instructions: Instructions for applicants can now include rich text, images, video, and hyperlinks.

  • Flexible fees and payments: Applicants will benefit from the many more flexible ways that you can now collect fees and payments, including incorporating tiered pricing or charging per file upload. Learn more.

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