*Please note: this article refers to features associated with Submittable's new form engine, and may or may not be applicable to your organization's account.

The Number form field in Submittable's new form builder is a convenient way to have submitters enter number-based entries into an application. You can use Number Fields to collect any number-based responses (e.g., a group size, budget estimate, durations). You can also designate number fields to record a specific currency or percentage-based number.

To use a number field in your form, follow these steps:

  1. In the form builder, drag a Number Field into your form, then click anywhere on the form field to open up settings for the field.

  2. Select the format for your number. You can choose to use a plain number, or designate the number entry to be a percentage (responses will show with a %) or a specific currency (responses will show with the selected currency symbol).

  3. If you select Currency, then choose your specified currency from the dropdown list that appears below.

  4. Next, set any constraints you want to use so that your applicants will only enter numbers in the range that you accept.

    **Number ranges may include negative numbers if desired.

    Note: If you are requesting a number string (e.g., social security or driver's license number, it is not recommended to use a number field as the number field will not accept entries with a leading 0 entry (e.g., 0546). If you anticipate that your applicants may need to make any entry with a leading 0, you will want to use a Short Answer field instead of a number field to collect this information.


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