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Release Notes: July 31, 2021
Release Notes: July 31, 2021

New features, tweaks, and enhancements to Submittable released July 1 - 31 2021 (v3.1390 - v3.1411).

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  • Added a word/character count to limited text fields.

  • Submission List improvement for mobile devices.

  • Updated "Blind" language to "Concealed".

  • Added input field for naming an Impact Reporting config when saving.

Bugs squashed

  • Fix assignment count to once again link to the submission list for that users assignments.

  • Submission notifications corrected and are only sent to the organization email address.

  • Fixed apostrophe in email preventing user being added to team.

  • Team Member Invite Email Link no longer causes error for Non-Submittable Accounts.

  • Fixed group headings so text overlays no longer occur.

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