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How can I use Postman to run an API call to Submittable?
How can I use Postman to run an API call to Submittable?

Postman is an HTTP Client which allows you to easily create requests in order to get data from Submittable's API.

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Action Required - API Updates
Versions 1.0, 2.0, and 3.0 of the Submittable API will be deprecated as of June 30th, 2024. All API endpoints must be updated to the 4.0 version to avoid disruptions.

See the API documentation to complete your update, or contact your Customer Success Manager with questions.

Postman is an API client that provides tools and a friendly interface for interacting with an API such as Submittable. It allows users to create and save simple and complex HTTP/s requests and read their responses. We recommend using Postman as an easy way to connect to Submittable's API.

Postman is a full-featured collaboration platform for API development and testing. This video course for beginners teaches the fundamentals of Postman:

How to set up Postman and Authenticate Submittable's API

The following instructions are for downloading and importing Submittable's swagger docs into Postman:

1. Download a free version of Postman here and install it.

After downloading and installing Postman, download Submittable's API Documentation (v4).

2. Open Postman. Select the option to Import:

3. Drop or Select the v4 API Documentation:

In your Downloads folder, the file will be named swagger_[date].json. It will look like this:

Choose this file and select Postman Collection. Then click Import.

This will populate a Collection for Submittable's v4 API Documentation:

Authenticate Using Postman

Click on Collections, then select the ellipsis menu next to the Submittable API Documentation title to open the dropdown menu. Select Edit from the menu.

Select Auth from the menu that appears:

Then select Basic Auth from the dropdown:

In the Username entry box, enter the API key you retrieved from your Submittable account page. You do not need an additional password.

Authentication on Postman should be complete. In the column on the left, you'll see the sections of Submittable's v4 API. You're ready to make API calls!

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