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How can I accept applications from nonprofit organizations?
How can I accept applications from nonprofit organizations?

Submittable allows grantmakers to accept applications from nonprofit organizations.

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When using Submittable, you can choose to collect applications from a U.S.-based nonprofit organization rather than an individual. Doing so will improve your clarity of data. You'll be able to track all applications from the same nonprofit, regardless of turnover in their staff or of different versions of the organization name, avoiding data issues due to typos or acronyms. Here's how it works.

Watch a training webinar:

In your Project's General Settings, select the checkbox next to Organization Search:

After applicants provide their EIN number and complete your Eligibility Form, they'll confirm that they are submitting on behalf of the nonprofit organization:

When you receive the submission, you'll see the organization name in the submission list view. You can search, sort, filter, and report by organization name. The organization name will appear in the Organization column in the submission list view:

As you can see in the image above, the official organization name is recognized by the filter, even though the organization name is represented differently in the submission title.

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