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Additional Form Deadlines
Additional Form Deadlines

Set a deadline on your Additional Forms.

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When you send an additional form, you can create a deadline for that form. The deadlines can either be enforced or flexible, depending on your needs.

Enforced deadlines will not let the applicant submit their form after the deadline passes and will lock the form when the deadline expires. The submitter will not be able to edit their responses in the form past the expiration date.

Flexible deadlines will show a reminder for the submitter. Flexible Deadlines will not be enforced in any way and have all the standard capabilities of an Additional Form without a deadline.

Users with permission level 4 and higher can create, view, and edit all deadlines, and users with permission level 3 can create, view, and edit deadlines on submissions assigned to them.

Set a Deadline

  1. In the dialog that appears when sending an additional form, there is a section titled Deadline. Select a future date for the deadline.

  2. Once selected, two new options will appear: Enforced or Flexible.

  3. Select the option you want and continue the Additional Form process.

The recipient of the additional form will see the following notification email, clearly indicating the deadline.

Managing Deadlines

After you have sent an Additional Form, you can view the status of the form in the Submissions List view.

Next to each submission in the Submissions List view is a clipboard icon. Click on the clipboard icon to see a list of all the additional forms, their deadlines, and the type of deadline.

Selecting any of the links in the Additional form window will take you to the Submission Details page, where you can view more in-depth information about the submission.

Change a Deadline

When you are in the Submission Details view, you can change the deadline.

In the Additional Forms section of the view, select the Edit icon next to the deadline status.

The Additional Form dialog will open. There, you can change the deadline date, make the deadline Flexible or Enforced, and even remove the deadline completely.

Once the deadline changes are made, select Update Request and Send Responses to finalize the changes.

Applicant Experience

When the Applicant is sent an Additional Form, the email they receive will show the deadline set.

In the Forms tab of the Submission Details for the applicant, you can see the deadline listed under the Additional Forms section.

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