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How can I set a deadline on an Additional Form?
How can I set a deadline on an Additional Form?

Set a soft deadline on your Additional Forms.

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You can request that your additional forms be returned by a certain date and time. To set a soft deadline (the form will not be automatically rescinded) click Additional Forms and in the message box, add the date and time:

The date and time will match the time zone set up in your account settings (More > Account). Complete the rest of the message box, then send the additional form.

The submitter will receive notification of the additional form, as well as its deadline:

The submitter will see the deadline in their account's submission list:

As well as in their submission's details:

Your organization can see this information by clicking the clipboard icon in your submission list view:

And also in the submission details view:

To manage your additional forms, go to Forms > Additional Forms, and click the Sent Requests link to open:

You will see the Deadline column and the deadline itself near the Rescind Form option. Here you can rescind the form once the deadline has passed, if appropriate:

Want to change the deadline? Since the additional form will not be rescinded or closed automatically in the submitter's account once the deadline has passed, a direct message explaining the new date and time to the submitters might work better for you than rescinding and resending an additional form.

To add the benefits of Additional Forms to your account, please contact account management.

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