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Release Notes: March 31, 2022
Release Notes: March 31, 2022

New features, tweaks, and enhancements to Submittable released March 1 - 31 2022 (v3.1522 - v3.1538).

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What's new

  • Take action on all submissions that match your filters at once (eliminates 500 limit).

  • Image Thumbnails are now viewable on Initial Forms, Additional Forms, Reference Forms, and Internal Forms.

Bugs squashed

  • Review form pages are now loading correctly.

  • Added images within message modal body are no longer causing display issues.

  • Invited team members new to Submittable are now able to confirm email address.

  • Unassigning team members will no longer incorrectly replace name in messages.

  • Advanced Reporting correctly not displaying deleted submissions & submission data.

  • Labels can be deleted from submission list view.

  • Images placed by org in app are no longer displaying blank.

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