Grantmakers and other security-minded organizations use Submittable's Fraud Prevention tools to weed out possible fraudulent applicants. Identity Verification (IDV) is one of these tools, and looks like this in a submission form:

We use a third-party vendor, Veriff, to compare an identification document to your real-time selfie. To get started, click Proceed to Veriff. On their site, you'll see that you need:

  • A valid identification document

  • A smartphone

Choose to scan the QR code or send a link via SMS.

You will be sent a link where you'll be asked to scan your identification and take a selfie then directed to return to your submission form. After your information has been accepted at Veriff, your form will look like this:

The result of your identity verification (Approved or Declined) will be sent to the organization.

What will the organization see?

  • They WILL see the type of identification card you provided, along with its number.

  • They WILL see your name as it appears on the identification card.

  • They WON'T see the scanned images of your identification card.

  • They WON'T see your uploaded selfie.

Note: Submittable does not see or save this identity verification information.

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