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What is Address Verification?
What is Address Verification?

Address Verification allows organizations to collect valid address data from applicants.

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Address Verification helps organizations collect valid address data by verifying it in real-time. Submittable has partnered with Smarty to provide this verification for mailing addresses in the United States. This is an optional feature on the address field used in Initial, Additional, Review, and Reference Forms. It offers multiple matches from the USPS database to select from—as the submitter types.

How to Use Address Verification

The Address Verification checkbox appears below the Address field in the form builder:

The submitter sees suggested addresses to choose from as they type:

City, state, and zip code information automatically populates, depending on the street address. Note: If the city/state/zip information is not correct, the submitter should revisit the street address and be sure it has been accurately entered.

Address Verification FAQs

  • Does Address Verification recognize all addresses?

    • Currently, the feature only validates U.S. addresses.

    • Addresses must match a corresponding address from the USPS address database to be successfully validated (the user's address needs to match the one that is used when they receive mail).

    • Address Verification can successfully verify PO Boxes, APOs, FPOs, and DPOs.

  • What if the submitter’s address is not recognized?

    • They will not be able to complete the form field. If this is a concern, consider not making this form field Required, and provide an answer field where they can leave a non-standard address.

  • Will Address Verification be applied to my existing submissions automatically?

    • No—this feature does not work retroactively and will not standardize addresses on forms submitted prior to feature activation.

Don't see Address Verification in your account? Please reach out to Account Management to add this feature.

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