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How can I change my user information and personal settings?

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Once you've set up your Submittable account, you can make changes to your profile such as updating your personal information, email address, or password by accessing the User Settings menu.

Navigating to the User Settings Menu

While you are logged into your Submittable account, click on your initials in the upper right corner and select Settings.

Select Initials then Settings under Personal Account

In the Personal Settings menu, each option lets you change the associated profile information.

Update Profile Info

From the Update Profile Info page, you can change your identifying information, such as your name, address, and phone number.


You can update the name associated with your Submittable profile here. The name entered here will appear on submissions you create.

Cover Letter Template

Some legacy accounts still request a cover letter but adding one here will not automatically populate it in submission forms. You will still need to manually enter it into the submission fields.

Address & Phone Numbers

Enter your address and phone number here.

After you have finished updating your profile info, click the Update Your Profile button to save the changes.

Change Password

Select this page to update the password for your Submittable account. When you are done making changes, click the Change Password button to save them.


The Settings page allows you to personalize your experience with Submittable. Here you can add a profile image, change your email notification settings, and review any saved credit cards.

Personalize My Account

Submittable collects data about your submission history and uses cookies in order to recommend other related opportunities that best match your interests. Unchecking this box will prevent Submittable from collecting your data.

Let's Stay in Touch

Unchecking this box keeps you from getting occasional emails from Submittable with featured submission opportunities, promotions, and product news.

Email Notifications

Uncheck this box to stop ALL email notifications generated through the Submittable platform.

Access Discover

Discover is an opportunities marketplace featuring thousands of organizations that use Submittable for creative calls. If you check this box, the Discover tab will show at the top of your screen.

Profile Picture

Submittable uses Gravatar (globally recognized avatar), a third-party profile image service. You can create an image on the Gravatar website, and it will automatically be enabled here. This image will only appear on this page.

Saved Credit Cards

Submittable will securely save any credit card you have used here. For more information on this feature, see the Update and Remove Credit Cards article.

Manage Your Personal Labels

When you are using the Discover feature, you can label saved opportunities to keep them organized. Click the label icon to create and add labels:

Return to the Settings page to manage the labels:

  • Edit Label: Select Edit Label to rename a label. Renaming a label will not affect the opportunities attached to that label.

  • Delete Label: Select Delete Label to remove the label from your profile. Saved opportunities will not be lost when you delete a label.

Login Sessions

The Login Sessions page shows all active Submittable sessions. For example, if you log into Submittable from your phone and your PC, this section will show this information. You can end a login session that is active on another device from here as well. To do so, click the Invalidate button.

Change Email Address

Select this page to update the email address associated with your Submittable account. Once you have done so, click the Change Email button to save your changes.

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