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How can I use the Request Agreement feature when accepting a submission?
How can I use the Request Agreement feature when accepting a submission?

Send your submitters a Request Agreement form that asks them to agree to your Terms of Acceptance.

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When accepting a submission, you can opt to have submitters agree to your terms of acceptance by using the Request Agreement feature. You can use a response template that contains your terms or input your terms in the Email Message box. Please review this article in full to learn how to add the Request Agreement option and view the process from a submitter's point of view.

Adding the Request Agreement option

Click Accept on a submission to open the email response modal. Check the box next to Request Agreement. This action adds a note ("please include terms") reminding you to include the terms of acceptance in your email. If you have already created a response template that includes your terms of acceptance, you can instead select it in the Email Template dropdown menu:

Click Accept and Send Response to send the request to the submitter.

After the submitter confirms their acceptance, a note will appear in the submission's Activity section.

A notification is sent to the organization email that will include any additional information the submitter may have added to the agreement.

Request Agreement from the Submitter's Point of View

The submitter will receive an email with the terms and a link to confirm acceptance.

Clicking the link or clicking View Submission will bring them to the Request Agreement form for them to review the terms, add any additional information, and send their Acceptance Confirmation.

Once the Acceptance Confirmation is submitted, a green congratulations message bar will appear for the submitter.

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