Organization Record

Use the Organization Record to capture a comprehensive overview of the data and insights associated with a charitable organization.

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The Organization Record gives levels 4 and 5 an overview of submissions, awards, and active submitters associated with a charitable organization. Level 3s can see the Organization Record if they are assigned to a submission associated with a charitable organization.

To create an Organization Record:

1. Enable Collect Organization Name in the Project's General Settings.

2. Create an Eligibility form to be associated with the Project. Please note: Charity Check must be enabled in your account.

3. In the Eligibility form, use the Charity Check form field to collect the EINs of charitable organizations.

To access the Organization Record:

1. Navigate to the submission list view.

2. In the Organization column, click the View link:

The Organization Record is arranged into six tiles:

1 - Organization

The Organization tile displays the submitter’s Organization Name, Employee Identification Number (EIN), and Location. This organization information is gathered in the eligibility form associated with the project.

If you have multiple organizations associated with a project, each organization’s Record view must be accessed separately.

2 - Submissions

The Submissions tile shows the status and number of all submissions associated with the organization.

  • Click the number to the right of the status to open the submission list view and a filtered list of the submissions with that status.

  • Click the View all submissions link to open the submission list view and a filtered list of all submissions regardless of status.

3 - Awards & Payments

The Awards and Payments tile displays all awards and payments associated with each submission.

  • Click the amount to the right of Awarded or Paid to open the Funds feature and view the transaction.

  • Click the View all awards and payments link to open the Funds feature and view all transactions associated with the submission.

4 - Active Submitters

The Active Submitters tile shows all the individual submitters associated with the charitable organization, the number of submissions they have made, and their last login date.

  • Click on the number of submissions to the right of the submitter's name to view a filtered list of the submissions.

5 - About

The About tile displays data sourced using the EIN provided by the submitter. This data is integrated with Candid/GuideStar and supplies the charitable organization’s information.

6 - Notes

Administrators can create private or team-wide notes. Notes are internal and cannot be seen by submitting organizations.

Using Notes

Users can Add, Edit, or Delete notes.

Add a Note

  1. In the “Add a Note” dialog box, enter the note. There is a limit of 1000 characters per note.

  2. Select the visibility settings for the note. You can keep it private for your reference only or share it with colleagues.

  3. Click “Add” to record the note.

Edit a Note

All users can edit their own notes. Level 5 users can edit and delete all notes that are visible to Everyone.

Delete a Note

All Users can delete their own notes. Level 5 users can delete all notes that are visible to Everyone.

Please note:

  • The Organization Record is not editable; the data is sourced from within the submissions. If a charitable organization wants to change any of their information, they must do so with Candid/Guidestar.

  • Organization Records cannot be created by requesting EINs after submissions have been received. EINs can be collected on Eligibility forms only.

  • If you are not seeing Organization Records for charitable organizations that have provided EINs, check to be sure that Collect Organization Name has been enabled in the project's general guidelines.

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