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How to find my organization when prompted.

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When you start a new submission, you might see the Organization Search screen. If this is the case, the project you are applying to wants applicants to be part of a recognized charitable organization. Some projects require this information, and some will let you skip this step. For more information, see below.

Find Your Organization

  • Enter either the EIN (Employer Identification Number) or UEI (Unique Entity ID) into the dialog box. Submittable will retrieve the organization's information from the SAM.Gov or Candid/Guidestar search service.

    You might also see the following screen if you are required to apply on behalf of a registered organization.

  • If you do not know your EIN or UEI, reach out to your organization administrator for assistance.

  • You can also search for charitable organizations using the IRS Tax Exempt Organization Search or the SAM.Gov Entity Search.

When you have found your organization, your account will become associated with that organization for any future applications.

Change my Organization

You can change your organization at any time before completing your submission.

  • At the top of the submission form, you will see the organization you are submitting on behalf of.

  • Select Change Organization.

  • You will be brought back to the Find Your Organization page.

If you need to change the organization after finishing your submission, reach out to the administrator of the project you applied to and request your application be set to open for editing.

EIN and UEI numbers

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) assigns business entities a unique identification number called the Employer Identification Number (EIN). This nine-digit number lets businesses be correctly identified for government grants, taxes, and employment information.

An alternative identification number is the Unique Entity Identity (UEI), a number assigned by the Systems for Award Management (SAM) office. This government-assigned identifier is used for businesses awarded federal grants, awards, and contracts. The UEI is more limited in use but easier to acquire, being assigned and managed directly through the website.

Organization Requirements

To see your information in the Organization Search, you must use the EIN or UEI number of a registered charitable organization.

The organization must be registered as a nonprofit, charitable organization. For more information on registration and requirements, see Charitable Organizations.

Updating information

Unique Entity ID numbers are updated by your organization administrator through the website.

Employment Identification Numbers are updated by your organization administrator through the website.

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