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Release Notes: October 31, 2023
Release Notes: October 31, 2023

New features, tweaks, and enhancements to Submittable released October 1 - 31, 2023 (v3.1825 - v3.1846)

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What's new

  • Organization Record enhancements

  • Auto Labels are now available across each form type (except Eligibility Forms)

  • Request Forms Collaboration

Bugs squashed

  • Form name from previous Form no longer populating into the next Form.

  • Terminal Status will now correctly remove Concealment from Concealed responses.

  • Newly added Discover tags no longer require cache clear to appear.

  • Gallery Label Filter is a selectable option within Gallery once again.

  • HTML code is correctly working in Terms of Use Field within Project General Settings.

  • Save Image Without Cropping button will correctly scale Banner image.

  • Redundant save pop-up no longer occurring within Form page.

  • RTE applied to Placeholder Tags in Response Templates now correctly format during preview.

  • Excluded Concealed questions no longer remain displayed in Submission Details.

  • Submitters navigating back to Forms within a Submission no longer defaults to Shared Reviews tab.

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