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Links and information for v1, v2, and v3 of the Submittable API

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Action Required - API Updates
Versions 1.0, 2.0, and 3.0 of the Submittable API will be deprecated as of June 30th, 2024. All API endpoints must be updated to the 4.0 version to avoid disruptions.

See the API documentation to complete your update, or contact your Customer Success Manager with questions.

API v4

The Submittable API v4 is the current API version. The changelog below shows differences and breaking points between the APIs v3 and v4.


  • All v3/requests and v3/responses endpoints merged into v4/entries endpoints

    • Entries are a combination of both the request and response from v3

  • All endpoints returning a page now use a continuation token instead of page number and page size

    • Endpoints no longer return a count of how many items there are

    • Endpoints no longer return how many pages there are

    • Filters and size are made on the first request only, subsequent requests can only use the continuation token returned on the response.

  • Get a submission now returns formEntries instead of formResponses

    • formEntries does not contain the fieldData property

      • To get a single entry use the "Get an entry" endpoint, /v4/entries/{entryId}

      • To get all entries for a submission use the "Get a submission’s entries" endpoint, /v4/entries/submissions/{submissionId}

  • All submissionId properties are now guids instead of integers

  • All labelId properties are now guids instead of integers

  • LegacyProjects.Include and LegacyProjects.Exclude on /v3/submissions have been removed

  • Update project endpoint /v3/projects/{projectId} now updates everything for a project

  • v3/projects/stages endpoints are removed, now review stages are managed by the create and update project endpoints

  • Get a list of team members and their assignment counts /v3/organizations/team/assignments has been replaced by /v4/organizations/team to get team members and /v4/submissions/team/assignment to get their assignment counts

API v3

The Submittable API v3 is no longer the current API version. For updates and changes to the API, see the V4 changelog above.

API v1 and v2

The Submittable API v1 and V2 are deprecated and may have limited functionality. Update your API calls to the current version to avoid any interruptions.

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