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Reviewer Workload Dashboard
Reviewer Workload Dashboard

Manage and monitor your reviewer workload.

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The Reviewer Workload Dashboard offers visual insights that allow you to manage reviewer workload and monitor submission progress efficiently. This feature enables you to identify bottlenecks and track reviewer assignment progress without the need for extensive report-building efforts traditionally required.

Access the Review Dashboard

Levels 4 and 5 can navigate to the dashboard by clicking Data Portal at the top of the screen:

Click the Review Workload link. On the right, you'll see when the dashboard was last updated:

Select a project to load its dashboard:

Review Dashboard Modules

Each of the five modules displays different data. Below are descriptions of each module:

  • Total Submissions: Displays the total number of submissions currently made to the project. It does not include ineligible submissions or draft submissions.

  • Submissions by Status: Displays how many submissions to the project are in each status.

  • Submissions per Review Stage: Displays how many submissions to the project are currently in each review stage.

  • Review Progress by Stage: Displays the progress (Started, Not Started, Completed) of the reviews for submissions in each review stage (the No Review Required review stage types are not included in this visual).

  • Reviewer Progress: Displays the progress (Started, Not Started, Completed) of the reviews for each reviewer currently assigned to a stage with at least one submission (unassigned and removed reviewers' work will not be displayed).

Download the Data

Click the ellipsis menu in any area to download the image you see or its associated data. Images can be downloaded in PNG, PDF, JPEG, or SVG formats. Spreadsheet styles are available in CSV and XLS formats:

To return to your submission list view, click Data Portal in the upper left corner and select "Submittable":

Need the Reviewer Dashboard in your account? Reach out to your account manager.

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