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Custom Organization Fields
Custom Organization Fields

Create a custom data field for an Organization record

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You can introduce a custom field in the Organization Profile to capture supplementary details. This field is universal across all organizations, yet the information inputted is unique to each organization. For instance, upon creating a custom organization field called "Vendor ID," it will be integrated into the profiles of all organizations linked with submitters. However, you retain the flexibility to assign distinct values for each organization to this field.

Custom Organization fields are text fields and have a 500-character limit to the value and field name.

Custom Organization fields are reportable in Standard Reporting.

Users with Level 3 or higher permissions can view the custom Organization field for submissions they are assigned to, and users with Level 4 or higher permissions can create Custom Organization fields.

Create a Custom Organization Field

Creating a new Organization field is limited to users with Level 4 and 5 permissions.

  1. Select Organizations from the navigation bar at the top of the screen.

  2. In the Organizations view, select Add Custom Field. The Custom Fields page will open.

  3. In the Custom Fields page, select New Custom Field.

  4. Give the Custom Field a title. This is the name of the Custom field that will be shared across all Organizations. Then select the checkmark to save

  5. You can now return to the Organizations view through the navigation bar.

Inputting values to a custom field

After creating the custom field, it will be accessible across all organizations. Nonetheless, initially, the field will contain no information. For instance, if we consider the example of creating a Vendor ID field, each organization may possess a unique Vendor ID. Thus, you'll be required to manually input the relevant data into the newly established custom field.

  1. Select one of the Organizations in the organization list from the Organization view. The Organization Profile view will open.

  2. In the Custom Organization Profile section, select Manage Custom Details.

  3. Enter the value for the field, then select Save.

Editing and managing Custom Organization Fields

You can manage the Custom Organization fields from the Custom Field Manager view, deactivating the fields that are no longer in use or reactivating deactivated fields.

  • From the Organizations view, select Manage Custom Fields.

    • Alternatively, select Edit Custom Fields from the Organization Details view.

  • In the Custom Fields page that opens, you will see the list of all the custom fields available.

Activate / Deactivate Custom Field

If you select Deactivate on a Custom field, the field will become Inactive, will no longer appear in the Organization Details view, and will appear in any reports as “Inactive.” However, the information will be retained.

Select Activate to undo the Deactivation, returning the field to the Organization Details view and letting it appear in reporting.

View Active/Inactive/Both

You can filter the view to only see Active Custom Fields, Inactive Custom Fields, or remove the filters by selecting Both.

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