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Release Notes: January 31, 2024
Release Notes: January 31, 2024

New features, tweaks, and enhancements to Submittable released January 1 - 31, 2024 (v3.1873 - v3.1890)

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What's new

  • Automated Scoring for all forms.

Bugs squashed

  • Additional Form Internal Notes are now being captured within Activity.

  • Reference Form Auto Labels now correctly populate even if completed before Initial Form is submitted.

  • Review PDF form field order issues are no longer occurring.

  • Adding a Note to a Submission with a "New" Status no longer causing Activity Tab to display "Anonymous User".

  • Additional Instructions text box is no longer appearing with Divider form field.

  • Number and Date form fields are now correctly displaying errors.

  • Attempting to Add Submission Fees is no longer causing issues.

  • Form change/data loss warning now correctly appears within Form Designer.

  • Following an org within Discover no longer causing page issues.

  • File name no longer disappearing after being attached to message.

  • Notes tab file attachment icon no longer requires page refresh to use consecutively.

  • Now able to update profile info.

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