This article refers to the form creation process using Submittable's original form builder and is relevant for all accounts with Yes/No/Maybe Reviews or Custom Reviews created prior to February 7, 2020. If you purchased your plan after this date, you are using our new form engine and will want to view this video for instructions on building and/or editing forms.

To create or edit a submission form, click on Forms at the top of the page to see a list of your existing forms. Click on the + New Form button to create a new form, or click on the name of an existing form to edit it.

I. General Settings Tab

  1. In the General Settings tab, enter the Name and Guidelines of the new submissions form. Both of these are seen by the submitter, so they should describe what submissions to this form are for. For example, the name might be "Non-Fiction" and the guidelines might say: "We are accepting essays for our monthly journal. Simultaneous submissions are accepted. However, please let us know if your work is accepted elsewhere."

2. If you are going to charge a fee (application fee, reading fee, contest entry fee) enter the amount you want to charge in the Price box. When you enter an amount (minimum fee is $2.00 USD), you will be shown a breakdown of the payment processing charges, the Submittable fee, and the amount that your organization will receive per transaction.

3. If you would like to offer submitters the option to purchase a subscription, membership, merchandise, or other payable goods or services, optionally enter one or more Add-on Payments.

4. Optionally enter a Starts On and Expires On date to automatically open and close your form to submissions on the specified dates.

5. Check the Hidden box to hide this form from your form list. Submitters will only be able to access your form if you send them the direct link.

 6. If you would like this form to be shared with a public audience, add at least one tag in the Join Discover section so that this form can be found on our Discover feature, a marketplace for submitters to search for open calls for submission.

7. Check the Live box to make the submission form available to submitters on your Submittable page.

II. Form Designer Tab

8. Click the Form Designer tab to build the submissions form that your submitters will use.

9. Use the Toolbox to drag and drop your preferred fields to the form. You can also reorder the fields by simply dragging and dropping them within the form. Click on the fields in the form and edit or delete that field. Read more about the Form Designer.

10. Click on the Attached Files field to select at least one acceptable type of file you'd like submitters to attach to their submission. You can also specify the maximum number of files (from 1 to 75) that submitters are allowed to upload. If you do not need submitters to attach any files, click the Trash Can icon in the upper right corner of the Attached Files field to delete the field. Click Done when you're finished selecting your options.

III. Assignments & Notifications Tab

11. Under the Assignments & Notifications tab, optionally set a Concealed Threshold Level to remove identifying information about the submitter from the reader's view. Any team member at or below the designated level will not see submitter identifying information. Read more about Concealed Review Processes.

12. Set the Default Note Visibility to specify the default visibility level for notes in the Submission Details form of each submission.

13. Auto-assign team member(s) to new submissions for a particular forms by choosing their names from the Team Member(s) drop-down menu. 

14. Select the Receive an email alert for each submission checkbox if you want your organization to be notified by email whenever someone submits to this category. If the form has team members assigned to it, the email alert will be sent to these team members. Otherwise, the alert will be sent to the general email specified in your organization's profile. 

15. You can set up a default response for each form. When a submission is made, the submitter will receive an email acknowledging the submission. Select the response you want to send by choosing it from the Choose an Auto-Response list.  Read more on Response Templates

16. Click Save Form to save your changes.


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