Looking for places to submit your work? Submittable's Discover feature enables you to view upcoming deadlines, as well as search for opportunities and applications by date and various tags. Discover is free and available to the public, regardless of whether you have a Submittable account.

To Use the Discover Feature

1. Go to the Discover page. Here, you'll also find options to sign in or create a new Submittable account.

2. In Discover, you'll see a list of opportunities that have no deadlines, followed by opportunities with deadlines from today forward. At the bottom of the page, select Next to continue searching all opportunities.

3. Click on any opportunity to find out more. In the details page, you’ll see information about the call, including guidelines and any submission fees. Click Submit to go directly to the organization’s submissions page. Select Save to save the opportunity and easily access it on your SAVED page. Click on the organization's name to Follow it (see Step 6 below), visit its website, or view more of its opportunities.

Continue to search opportunities by selecting Next in the upper right corner. At the bottom of each call, you’ll see which tags or labels have been applied to it. Click on any tag to see similar opportunities. Select the X in the top right or click anywhere outside the details screen to exit this view.

4. To search for opportunities by tags, click the search bar and enter a tag, such as science-fiction or anthology. To remove a tag from your search, click the X next to the tag.

5. To view calls starting from a specific deadline, click Jump to below the search bar and select a date.

6. Once you’ve begun following organizations with open calls (see Step 3 above), view these organizations' calls by clicking the Following Only button to the right of the search bar. You can also go to your FOLLOWING page to see all of the organizations you're following. Click on any organization to see its upcoming calls.

7. To clear all filters from your search, click the Clear filters button.

8. Toggle anytime between DISCOVER, SAVED, FOLLOWING, and SUBMISSIONS from the top left of your screen.

(Note: If you are part of an organization that would like to have its calls included in Discover, visit our help article on Discover for organizations).


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