Note: this article pertains specifically to adding subscription or single issue fees to organizational accounts using our original form engine.

You can create a form to sell subscriptions to a publication, or a single issue of a publication.

To sell subscriptions to a publication:

1. In the Forms tab, click the Create Form button. 

2. In the General Settings tab, enter the Name of the form (For example, Magazine Subscription) and include any instructions in the Guidelines area.

3. Click the Add Fee Option button to enter each fee level for a subscription. The amount your organization will receive (after credit card processing and Submittable fees are subtracted) is calculated and displayed (see below).

4. Optionally enter a Starts On and Expires On date to tell the system to open for and close for subscription requests on specified dates.

5. Check the Hidden box only if you'd like to hide this form from the public. Potential subscribers will only be able to access your form if you send them a direct link.

6. Leave the Live checkbox checked if you are ready to begin accepting subscription orders right away. If not, uncheck it and come back later to check it when you're ready to accept orders. 

7. Click the Form Designer tab to build the subscription form that your subscribers will use.

8. To customize this form for subscriptions, you'll remove the Title, Cover Letter and File Upload fields from the Subscription form layout. Click on the Title field to select it. Then click the Trashcan button to delete it. A message will pop up notifying you that each submission will be assigned a number. Click OK.

9. Delete the Cover Letter and File Upload fields in the same manner as above.

10. Add a Text Box field to the submission form for each of the following fields: Address, City, State, and Zip Code. Locate the Text Box form element in the Toolbox on the right-hand side of the screen. To begin, click and drag the Text Box onto your form layout on the left-hand side of the screen. Change the Text Box Label to Address and click the Done button.

11. After adding the remaining address fields to the form, scroll to the bottom of the form and click the Save Form button. A message will ask you if you wish to keep editing or return to list. Choose Return to List.

12. To view what your subscriber will see, click the View Your Site in the upper right-hand corner of the screen. Your Submittable site will open in a new browser window where you will see your new subscription page.

13. As new subscription orders come in, they will appear under the Submissions tab. Click on the auto-generated number to view the subscriber's address (see below) and take action on the subscription order.

14. As each order is fulfilled you can optionally apply a label to denote this. For example, you can apply a label stating that the order has been sent. Click the check box next to the orders you'd like to label, and click the Apply Label button (shown below) at the top of the Submissions list. Choose Create New Label.

15. Type the label identifier (i.e. First Issue Sent) and click the Save Label button. This new label will automatically be applied to the order you are viewing. You will only create the label once. It will be available to be applied to each successive order.

16. To export a list of subscriptions, including all data you collect on your form (e.g. subscriber addresses), view our help article on exporting submission data.

To sell a single issue of a publication:

1. Follow the steps above, but add a Dropdown field to your submission form.

2. Type the Dropdown field Label  (i.e. Select Issue) and Description (i.e. Please select an issue) in the Field Properties box. Check the Required checkbox so that the subscriber will be required to make a choice from the dropdown menu. Then, add each option for your Dropdown list as shown below (e.g. Fall 2011, Winter 2012, etc.).

3. To finish, click the Done button and then scroll down to click Save Form.

4. The issue chosen will be included in the form data that you view when looking at an order, or when exporting your subscription order data. To export a list of orders, including all data you collect on your form (i.e. subscriber address, issue ordered), view our help article on exporting submission data.


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