Level 4 and 5 account administrators can export submissions in batches. To access the Batch Export feature, open the Gear menu on the top right side of your Submissions List. (Note: prior to running an export, you can use Search Filters to select a group of submissions for export).

You can choose individual submissions for export by checking the check box on the left-hand side of the screen for one or more submissions.

When exporting, make the following selections:


  • Submitters (profile contact information for each submitter)
  • Submissions


  • Current Filters
  • Selected Submissions
  • All Submissions


  • Submission Data (.csv file containing data collected on the submission form)
  • Submission Files (.Zip file)

When exporting Submission Files you will be sent an email with a link to download a Zip file. This process could take some time, depending on the number and size of the files. The Zip file will contain a Table of Contents .csv file and a subfolder for each submission. Each submission subfolder will contain a submission summary .rtf file along with submission files.

Downloading submission files can put some stress on the servers, so we currently have a limitation on this feature, with the total limit depending on your account level. Please be mindful of your usage.

Questions? Contact us at support@submittable.com

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