What is an Inactive Plan?

Inactive plans have certain workflow features disabled until they upgrade to a paid subscription. (Note: This applies only to organizations’ accounts; submitter accounts are free to create.)

Inactive accounts can still receive submissions that charge a submission fee. Submissions without a submission fee are limited to five submissions per month. You can export your submission data at any time.

Disabled workflow features include:

  • Rating submissions: Ability to use Thumbs Up/Down ratings or complete Custom Review Forms. You will be able to view past ratings and access Review Form data.
  • Changing the status of a submission: Ability to edit the status of a submission, including accepting and declining submissions
  • Messaging and notes: Ability to email submitters and add a note to a submission

How do I downgrade to an Inactive Plan?

You can easily downgrade your Submittable plan to an Inactive plan.

  1. Click on More in the upper right corner of the screen. Select Account.
  2. Select Subscription Plan on the left
  3. Click the Change Your Plan button in the center of the page.
  4. Select the Inactive plan.

• You will be prompted if you need to make any changes (for example remove team members) before your plan can be changed.

• You can keep your account set up in Submittable with the Inactive plan and make all of your categories not Live (which will effectively turn off your public-facing site), in case you want to return to use it in the future.

• To resume active plan workflow features again, team members can upgrade their organization’s plan by clicking the Upgrade Your Plan button at the top of any Submission Details page. Level 5 team members can also upgrade their organization's account by going to More > Account > Subscription Plan > Change your plan.

Questions? Contact us at support@submittable.com.

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