Note: Screenshots in this article depict the the UI from our original form engine. However, the auto-label feature is available - and functions the same way - in both versions of our form engine.

Organizations can automatically label submissions based on the responses that a submitter selects on the submission form. For example, you can now automatically label submitters by demographics such as gender or country of residence.

 To use our auto-label feature, follow these steps:

  1. If you're a level 4 or 5 administrator, go to your Forms tab and click on the name of the form you want to edit. In the Form Designer tab, add a radio list, dropdown menu, checkbox, or checkbox list field to your submission form, and select the Auto-Label checkbox.

2. When the Auto-Label checkbox is selected, each optional answer you ask for in your field will be automatically applied as a label to the corresponding submission if the respective submitter selects that option. For instance, in this radio list, "Female," "Male," and "Other" are three possible labels.

3. During the submission process, the submitter will select his or her answer in your submission form.

4. In your submission manager, the submission will be automatically labeled with the option(s) that the submitter chose.

Note: The text in labels is limited to 25 characters each. If an optional answer in one of your auto-label fields contains more than 25 characters each, the text will appear as normal in your submission form, but the text of the label that appears in your submission manager will be truncated to 25 characters.

Note: Any changes made to Auto-Labels after submissions have already been received will not have a retro-active effect on labels that were already applied. Only submissions received after an auto-label change occurs will be affected by the change.

Not all Submittable accounts include the auto-label feature. If you're interested in adding auto-labels to your plan, contact our sales department at 


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