This article refers to setting form fees using Submittable's original form builder. It is relevant to accounts established prior to February 7, 2020. If you purchased your Submittable plan after this date, you are using our new form engine and will want to view this article.

You can optionally set a fee for your individual call(s) when creating or editing a form. Doing so will require your submitters to provide payment information when submitting their entries. Submittable has built-in credit card processing, and submitters will have the option of paying via credit/debit card or by PayPal. 

Submittable charges 99 cents + 5% of the total fee for each submission. (Note: If you're using Add-on Payments, then the payment processing fee charged will be 99 cents + 5% of the total fee charged for the submission; there is no separate 99 cent processing fee per Add-on Payment.) When you enter an amount (minimum fee is $2.00 USD) under the General Settings tab in the form designer, you will be shown a breakdown of the payment processing charges and the amount that your organization will receive per transaction. 

Fees may be collected in any of the following 8 currencies.

  • Australian Dollar

  • Canadian Dollar

  • Euro

  • British Pound

  • New Zealand Dollar

  • US Dollar

  • Swiss Francs

  • Chinese Renminbi Yuan

Submittable pays organizations by the 10th of each month for the previous month’s submission fees received. The default payment frequency is monthly, but you can also receive payments weekly, semi-monthly, quarterly, or annually. To request a different frequency, please email

You have the option of having your payment sent to you by check, directly deposited to your bank account, or deposited to your PayPal account. To set up your payment options, go to More > Account > Payment Info

If you'd like applicants or submitters to have the option to pay for additional goods or services, such as memberships, subscriptions, or merchandise, on your submission form, you can use our Add-on Payments feature


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