Organizations can add Document Request fields to the application form, which allows applicants to request any types of supporting documents on behalf of applicants. During the application process, each applicant will then enter the email address of the document provider, requesting any letters or other relevant supporting documents.

When an applicant submits their application, Submittable will automatically send a Support Document request to each referee or document provider. The email contains a link to a form where the referee/document provider will enter their name and submit a file containing their letter or document.

If you're interested in adding this feature to your account, please contact our Account Management team here.

How To Use The Document Request Field in Your Form 

1. In the Forms tab, click the name of the form you'd like to edit.

2. Select the Form Designer tab.

3. In the Toolbox on the right, click and drag the Document Request field onto the submission form.

4. In the Document Request form field, optionally edit the default Label and Description. Check or uncheck the appropriate check boxes to select whether the applicant is Required to enter a document provider and whether you want the document provider's information to be Concealed. (e.g. hidden from reviewers). 

5. Click the Edit Instructions link beneath the Document Request text inside the form field toolbox. A dialog box will open up with a text area to enter any specific instructions for document providers. These instructions will be included with the supporting document request when it is sent to the document provider's email address.

6. Add additional Document Request fields if you would like your applicants to include more than one request for supporting documents.

7. Click the Save Form button at the bottom of the page. The system will allow document providers to attach documents on behalf of submitters after a submission deadline has passed. There is not presently a way to apply a deadline for document providers to upload/attach documents.

How to View Supporting Documents

1.  From your Submissions list, click on a submission to view its details page.

2. If you're viewing the Summary view, scroll down to the Document Request section. (If you're viewing the File view, click the X button to the top right of the file to switch to the Summary view.)

3. In the Document Request section, click View Document to view it online in the Submission Details viewer, or Download to save the document offline.

4. If a supporting document has not yet been received, you have the option to resend the document request to the document provider by clicking the Resend Request link in the Document Request area. The applicant can also Resend the request by clicking on the submission in his or her submission list and clicking Resend Request (see below):

How to Check if Supporting Documents Have Been Received on Behalf of Applicants:

If you would like to add the Supporting Document feature to your account, please contact our Account Management team here


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