Yes, Submittable has an API that enables you to access your submission data programmatically. Connect existing software to your Submittable account or write your own programs or services to run off of your Submittable account.

Here are some ways you can use our API:

  1. Publish directly Into your content management system. If you use WordPress, Drupal, or any major CMS, you can pull your content directly into the system via the API.

  2. Create routine local backups. Our policy has always been to make your data easily accessible. With the API, you can build tools that will allow you to easily download or export your data.

  3. Build your own interface. Submittable is used in hundreds of different ways and many of you have your own workflows that you can integrate with outside systems or devices. For example, you could build your own mobile app or automatically add your authors to your mailing list if they opted in.

  4. Integrate with 3rd-party platforms. One of our favorite services, Zapier, allows anyone to easily integrate one web service with another. For example, if you’d like to automatically import your applicants into MailChimp or Basecamp, Zapier can help you accomplish this without writing a line of code.

To enable API access for your organization's account, go to More > Account > API Access and click the Enable API Access button.

Check out API Documentation, or Zapier Integration Documentation for more information.

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