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Can I randomly assign submissions to a set number of reviewers?
Can I randomly assign submissions to a set number of reviewers?

Use the randomization feature to quickly and equitably assign submissions to your team.

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Randomized Assignments help organizations evenly distribute submissions or applications to their reviewers by randomly assigning submissions to a set number of reviewers. This makes it easier for administrators to ensure that each reviewer is assigned the same number of submissions.

To randomly assign submissions:

1. On your Submissions list, select the checkbox next to the submission(s) you would like to assign. For example, you may want to filter "Fiction submission" and then select all of the Fiction submissions. 

2. Click the Other dropdown at the top right of the Submissions list and then select the first option, Randomize Assignments.  

3. In the Randomize Assignments popup window, select how many reviewers you would like assigned to each submission, choose which team members you want to be included in this review process, and add an optional message to those team members. You may also assign one or more Groups here.

4. Click Assign. Your submissions will instantly be evenly and randomly distributed among your selected team members.

Note: If a submission is already assigned to a reviewer before you use Randomized Assignments, the reviewer will remain assigned to that submission. This means that the total number of reviewers assigned to that submission may be more than the number specified in the Randomized Assignments popup window. To ensure that each submission has your preferred number of reviewers, you'll need to unassign the submissions from all reviewers before using Randomized Assignments.

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