Level 5 team members can track visits and other visitor data through our Google Analytics integration feature.

To integrate your account with Google Analytics:

1. If you haven't yet, create a Google Analytics account for your website. (Note: When setting up their Analytics property, organizations will typically use a default URL that is their main website [e.g. www.Website.com] or their Submittable page [e.g. OrgName.Submittable.com]. Regardless, you’ll be able to see visitor behavior from the time they go to your website, to the time they submit to your form).

2. Go to More > Account and scroll down to the Google Analytics Tracking ID box.

3. In your Google Analytics account, copy your Google Analytics tracking ID, which is usually in the form UA-000000-01. See their help article for more information on locating your tracking ID.

4. Paste your tracking ID into the Google Analytics Account box in your Submittable account.

5. Click “Update Profile.” Within 24 to 48 hours, you should start to see data from your submission pages appearing in your Google Analytics account. You can typically see real-time data in Analytics sooner, but we recommend waiting at least 24 hours before viewing your other data so that it has time to accrue. To see what kinds of data you can view in Google Analytics, see our article on How to Get the Most Out of Submittable and Google Analytics.

For more information, please visit the Google Analytics help center.

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