Organizations often find that both the number and quality of the submissions they receive will increase when they start using Submittable. This is for a number of reasons:

1. We make it easy for both the organization and the submitter

Nearly 1 million users have submitted their work through Submittable. Writers, filmmakers, artists, and applicants alike enjoy the ease and convenience of our system. They no longer have to use snail mail or send their submissions to email addresses that don’t acknowledge the receipt of their work. With Submittable, submitters can track their submissions' progress through a consistent set of statuses, from received to in-progress and beyond. If there’s a typo or mistake in their submission, they can even edit their submissions after they’ve submitted them. The convenience of our platform means that users are more likely to submit when an organization uses Submittable.

2. Guidelines and optional submission fees help ensure quality submissions

Because Submittable allows organizations to set standard submission guidelines for submitters to follow, organizations typically find that the quality of submissions greatly increases when they use our platform. In addition, organizations can optionally choose to set a submission fee of their choice. This not only can help you monetize your calls for submissions but also can help ensure that only users who strongly feel that their work is suitable for your organization will submit to you. It’s easy to accept payment with any submission, and no merchant account or PayPal is required.

4. Organizations can send batch emails to existing contributors

Have a new call for submissions coming up? Submittable’s batch emails functionality allows you to easily email your past and existing contributors to notify them of any upcoming calls you think would be a good match for them. More email contacts means more submissions.

5. We’re a trustworthy and secure platform

Submittable is totally secure, PCI & FERPA compliant, and trusted by over 10000 organizations, from CBS, Simon & Schuster, and Random House, to tiny, two-person organizations that are just starting to gain a following. Not to toot our own horn, but the Submittable name is pretty special, and using Submittable can add legitimacy to your organization and thus increase the chances that a user wants to submit to you.


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