If all of the submissions in a form have reached a terminal status, you may wish to archive the form, which removes the form's name from your Search Filters on your Submissions page. This is helpful for organizations that might otherwise have a long list of forms to scroll through in the Form dropdown menu of their Search Filters.

Please Note: Only level 4 and 5 team administrators have the ability to archive submission forms.

To archive a form, follow these steps:

  1. Make sure all submissions for the form you'd like to archive have reached a terminal status (i.e., Completed, Accepted, Declined, or Withdrawn). 

2. In your Submissions list, use the Search Filters to search for all submissions belonging to the form you'd like to archive. Check the checkbox next to each submission for this form, and click the Archive Submission button (shown below) at the top of the Submissions list to archive these submissions. (Note: If you prefer to leave some submissions active for this form, we recommend labeling them, so you can easily find them with your Search Filters after the form is archived.) 

3. Go to your Forms page, and locate the name of the form you'd like to archive. If the form is still live, drag it to the Not Live section, to make the form inactive.

4. Click the name of the form. In the General Settings tab, locate the Archive checkbox at the bottom of the page. Check the Archive checkbox.

5. Click Save Form and Return to list.

6. To un-archive the form at any time, simply click on its name in the Forms page and uncheck the Archive checkbox. Then click Save Form.

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