Level 4 and 5 team members can remove other team members from their organization's Submittable account.

To remove a team member:

1. Log in to Submittable
2. Go to More > Team.
3. On your Manage Team page, click the Trash can icon next to the team member whom you'd like to remove from the account.

4. A warning message will appear, stating that any submissions currently assigned to the team member will no longer be assigned to them. Click OK.


*On our original form engine, when a team member is removed from your organization's account, their review data (along with their name) remains visible for any submissions to which they were previously assigned.

*On our new form engine, the review data will remain, however the reviewers name will not appear. Instead it will show as [reviewer removed]. For this reason we recommend running a downloadable report of all your reviews before removing team members that have left reviews on received submissions.

If you re-add the removed team member at any time, their name will reappear with any reviews they completed at a previous time.


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