Zapier makes it easy to connect websites and applications together. Submittable’s Zapier integration lets you connect new submission events to other applications, such as Google Sheets or Mailchimp. You can use Zapier to send a notification to your phone, add a lead to your CRM, add a task to Asana, or put a record in your Firebase database.

How to enable Zapier:

  1.  Log in to your Submittable account and go to More > Account > API access.

  2. If your API access is not yet enabled, click the Enable API Access button.

  3. Click the Connect Submittable button in the Zapier section of the API Access page.

  4. You'll be taken to Zapier's Submittable page. Scroll down and click on the Make a Zap with Submittable link.

  5. Follow the instructions at Zapier to create or log into your Zapier account.

  6. Select the Submittable trigger you would like to use. The trigger is the action within Submittable that will start your automated workflow. For example, you could choose for a workflow to start when a submission is received or when a new team member is added to your organization. After you choose the trigger, click on Save + Continue and then click Connect a New Account.

  7. A dialog box will open asking for your Submittable API key. (API stands for "Application Programming Interface," but don't worry, Zapier workflows can be automated with little or no programming knowledge.) This unique key contains several numbers and letters and is located in your Submittable account under More > Account > API access.

  8. Enter your organization name in the Zapier dialog box. Then, click Yes, continue.

  9. With your newly saved Submittable account selected, click on Save + Continue.

  10. Optionally choose to trigger the zap only for selected options, such as specific categories. Then, click Continue.

  11. Zapier will give you a list of items to double-check. Once you've double-checked them, click Fetch & Continue.

  12. Zapier will test your trigger. If no items match your trigger options, follow the troubleshooting steps and try again. If the test is successful, click Continue.

  13. Choose an action app. This is the application, such as Gmail, MailChimp, or Slack, in which your automated workflow will occur when your trigger happens.

  14. Follow the remaining steps in Zapier to set up your workflow, and you're done.

Examples of available Submittable Zaps:


- Create a Salesforce contact when you receive a new Submittable submission
- Create a Salesforce case when a new Submittable Submission is received


- Send a Slack message when a new Submittable submission is received
- Send a Slack message when a Submittable submission is accepted
- Send details about new Submittable team members to a Slack channel


- Send an email when a Submittable submission is accepted


- Add new Submittable submitters to a MailChimp list

Google Sheets:

- Save new Submittable submission data to Google Sheets
- Save accepted Submittable submission data to Google Sheets


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