The Blind Reviews feature allows administrators to keep specific information in submissions hidden from team members/reviewers. For example, in a photo contest, administrators may choose to hide any identifying information about the submitters, so that reviewers will only see and judge the photographs.

By default, the submitter’s name, email address, and cover letter will be hidden from reviewers at or below the team member level specified by the administrator*. The administrator may also mark specific form fields as Blind in the Form Designer.

To Set Up a Blind Review Process:

1. Go to the Forms page and click on the specific form for which you’d like to have a blind review process.

2. Click the Form Designer tab. From the Toolbox, drag and drop a new field to your form and click on it to edit it, or click on an existing field. All fields except for the Title field have a Blind checkbox. Checking the Blind checkbox will make the information submitted in that field hidden from reviewers at or below your specified blind level.

3. Go to the Assignments & Notifications tab. Click the Blind Level dropdown menu to set a blind level. Any team member at or below this level will not see the submitter’s name, email address, or any fields you have marked Blind in step 2. For example, if you select Level 2, then all Level 2 and Level 1 reviewers will be unable to see the submitter's name, email address, or the content of the fields you marked as Blind.  

4. Click Save Form to save your changes.

Note: When a form field for file uploads is set to be blind, all received files will automatically have their filename changed to look something like this:

The filename is automatically changed to insure that the submitter's filename will not contain his/her name, which is a common way for people to label their own files, but will corrupt any blind review processes.

Note: If you choose to require that the submitters enter their mailing addresses as part of the submission process (this option is available by checking the ‘Require Address’ checkbox under More > Account > Profile), submitters’ mailing addresses will also be hidden by default from blind-level reviewers.

Note: Once a submission has been switched to a terminal status of Accepted, Declined, or Completed, all blind settings are removed from the submission, and submitter information will be viewable to site admins as well as assignees.

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