Our metadata feature enables you to request additional information from submitters in your File Upload field. For example, if you're calling for submissions to an art exhibit, you may wish to request metadata on each work's title, dimensions, and medium. Or, if you're accepting submissions for a music festival, you may want to request metadata on each song's title, credits, and track length. This information will appear in the Submission Details page when you view the uploaded file.

The metadata feature is available by request for Premier-level plans and up. To use it, follow the steps below:

1. In your Forms tab, add a new form or click on the name of the form for which you would like to request metadata.

2. In the Form Designer tab, click on an existing File Upload field or drag over a new File Upload field.

3. Click on Add Metadata Field, and type in the metadata information you are requesting (e.g. dimensions, medium, etc.). Continue adding as many fields as you'd like. There is no limit to the number of metadata fields you can add per File Upload field. (Note: There is currently no way to make the metadata fields required; even though you may make the File Upload field required, the metadata field entries can still be left blank by the submitter.)

4. Make any other edits to the File Upload field as needed.

5. Click Done and Save Form.

6. The metadata will appear when you preview a file in the Submission Details page. Simply scroll to the bottom of the webpage to see the metadata below the file.

If you're interested in using the metadata feature, please contact our Account Management team here.

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