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Why should I use Submittable to submit my work?
Why should I use Submittable to submit my work?
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Submittable offers many time-saving features for the thousands of organizations that accept and review submissions through our platform.

We also offer many benefits to submitters who submit their work through Submittable. Nearly 1 million users have submitted their work using our platform. Here are just some of the benefits they’re enjoying:

1. No more snail mail.

Save on postage stamps, ink cartridges, and paper (and go easy on the planet) by submitting your work online.

2. Track the progress of your submission.

Ever feel like you’re sending work into a black hole? With Submittable, you can track the progress of your submission while it moves through a consistent set of statuses, from Received to In-Progress, and beyond.

3. Edit your submission after you’ve sent it.

Find a typo or sent the wrong draft? Submittable enables submitters to edit their submissions even after they’ve submitted them. To edit your submission, ask the organization to open your submission for editing.

4. Submit to a diverse range of publishers and organizations, from big names to niche.

Once a submitter has opened a free Submittable account, they will will be able to submit work to thousands of organizations, from major publications and organizations like Random House, to tiny two-person organizations that are just starting to gain a following. To find calls for submissions, use our Discover feature, a searchable creative opportunities marketplace available right in your Submittable account.

5. The very best Customer Support.

We pride ourselves on providing friendly, fast support.


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