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How can I add a publication date to a submission?
How can I add a publication date to a submission?

Add a publication date to literary submissions.

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Organizations can add a Publication Date to submissions and then view a calendar of them, ordered and grouped by Publication Date.
Choose to Accept the submission by checking the box next to the submission in the submissions list and then clicking the green check mark button at the top of the list. You can also accept the submission within the Submission Details page by clicking the status button in the upper right-hand side of the page (the button should say New or In-Progress). You then select Accept.

A dialog box will open that states You are about to ACCEPT 1 submission (see below). Enter the Publication Date in the appropriate box.

To edit or delete the Publication Date, go to the Submission Details page of the submission you want to edit. Click the More dropdown menu in the upper right and select Update Publication Date to delete, add or edit the publication date.

For more information on the Calendar feature, please read this help article.ย 


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